• Julia v1.6 or newer


  1. Open a julia session (REPL)

  2. If you want, make a new environment (see package management documentation for more details ), with:

] activate .

Here, ] switches from the julia REPL to the package manager

  1. Add MinimallyDisruptiveCurves.jl to your current environment with

] add MinimallyDisruptiveCurves
  1. Finally preface any julia code running in your environment, with:

using MinimallyDisruptiveCurves

Downloading tutorial notebooks

Tutorial notebooks are in the MDCExamples repository.

  1. At a terminal, in the directory of your choice, type the following commands:

git clone
cd MDCExamples

This clones the github repository with the examples, changes location to the cloned repository, and starts a julia session.

  1. In your new julia session, activate the environment:

] activate .

] switches to the package manager. activate . activates the predetermined package environment in which the notebooks can be run.

  1. (optional): Precompile the dependencies to save a few minutes later

] precompile
  1. Open Pluto notebooks:

using Pluto;

and then open/run the individual notebooks in the notebook environment.